Nov 3, 2010

12th blog entry - Campaign introduction idea, No.6

No time to lose! There are sessions to be had!

What once seemed like a quick military campaign, has turned to be a 70-year long war, which is taking two things: too long, and it's toll. There's not a single piece of land, and not a single soul that lives on the continent of Garland, who hasn't felt the consequences of hate and devastation.
After the Age of Creation, the land was divided among the strongest clans which possessed power and influence. Seven kingdoms formed, which have in time expanded their range of controll and influence onto the no-man's lands, taking the lone and unprotected settlements under their wings. Five hundred years later, six, out of seven great kingdoms remain. Frisbane (northern men), Harran (eastern, all races), Gladiis (central, men and elves), Lahalaron (western, elves), Draggath (southern, dwarves) and Eywind (southeastern, men and elves). Peace existed between kingdoms, but only formally. In secret, the governments fought each other for influence over the land.
The war began when Gladiis declared war on Eywind, and soon after attacked. The invasion was supposed to be quick, but Eywind had put together an alliance with the Harran, and had their military support in defending the borders. Soon after, Frisbane joined forces with Gladiis, and the dwarves of Draggath attacked both Eywind and Lahlaron, who formed an alliance to battle them. The situation was: Eywind, Harran and Lahlaron vs Frisbane, Gladiis and Draggath.
Since everyone were long prepared and ready for war, none of the kingdoms managed to take much of the opposing side's land. Seventy years later, the war still goes on, and the battlefields are the same which were in the early days of the conflict. Everyone's exausted, and it is only the hate for the opponents which still gives people the strength to fight. Although the battlefields are the same, the battles aren't. In the beginning, battles were fought head-on, in a large-scale attacks, but now, everyone seems to have dugged-in into trenches, shooting stone blocks from the catapults onto each other. Hand-to-hand clashes are rare, but still present.
It is the battlefield where the characters start their campaign. Arnan, the young, brave and charismatic captain of Eywind is in a command of a small group of soldiers, stationed on the eastern side of the battlefield between Eywind and Gladiis. The characters are under his command, along with about hundred more soldiers. In the previous months, he had much success in attacking the forces of Gladiis, and with the warriors under his command, he has brought many losses to the opposing side's forces. Now, the king of Eywind has commanded all of his troops stationed on the northern front to push an attack and break the enemy forces in a single blow. The time of the attack has come, and Arnan is expected to play an important role in it. He and his men are ordered to push through the enemy lines, and occupy the nearby ruins of the Rosewind village.
The order has been given, and Arnan charges out of the trenches into the no-man's land, followed by his brethren of battle. On the other side, soldiers of Gladiis are quickly strenghtening their lines to defend from the attack.
What happens next, DM will tell :)

I saw some guys playing Magic the Gathering today on college, I'll have to approach them sometime and ask if they're in a mood for some DnD xD

Have fun guys!