Dec 12, 2010

13th blog entry - Campaign introduction idea, No.7

Woah, it's been some time since my last post, but no worries, I'm still around. So, 'ere we go:

The story, or what's believed to be the one, goes: In the ancient times, countless millenia ago, long before mortals came into existance, universe was ruled by a single God, which nowdays has countless names, one of which is Bron. He wasn't alone however, countless undergods existed, which were his "people". Bron, being far the most powerful one, took little care of his subordinates, and enjoyed watching them do whatever they did, just as we enjoy watching insects live their little lives, knowing that if we wish to, we can easily help, or destroy them. Everything they did was interesting to him, and rarely did he interfere with their actions, but even if he did, it was only for his own satisfaction.
Undergods were many, and they lived all around, throughout the universe. They were all different from each other, just as people nowdays. They had feelings, sense of creativity, certain level of inteligence, power, etc... That's why some of them lived peacefully, and some of them fought each other for love, glory, practice, or just to be noticed by Bron, who often rewarded those who amused him alot. Considering that all of them had certain desires, quarrels were inevitable, which eventually led to fights, which led to hate, which led to war. Soon, undergods were organized into clans, which have in time grown into kingdoms, which battled each other, or formed alliances.
A couple of billions years later, two opposing sides existed. Lanatis and Undrogh. And guess what, they were in war. War, which has already taken too many lives, and the end to is was an insane idea. Undergods were now few, but hate for their enemies was stronger than ever. That is when they started creating worlds, where armies of soldiers were supposed to be bred, only so they can fight their God's battles. One of the first worlds which was created by the prince Andalor of Lanatis, was Aena, where this campaign takes place.
About ten thousand years later, most of the gods are dead or captured by the opposing side, and rarely does any mortal serve them anymore. Worlds are now self-governed, often composed of many different kingdoms. Portals which were in the past used for invading other worlds are now mostly destroyed, disabled or forgotten. Some have sunk deeply below the surface of the oceans, along with whole continents, others are buried deeply under the ground, never to be found again. Aena however, as it was one of the largest battlegrounds, and often invaded, still has one working portal, known to it's inhabitants, but it is speculated that many more exist, and are still active, but forgotten, somewhere in ancient temples, scattered throughout the land. Some of them are deep underground, some occupy the most unaccessible mountaintops, and for sure there are some laying in unexplored swamps, deserts, jungles or in the frosty wastes of Aena's North or South pole.
Now, the one known portal is what is causing the distrurbance on Aena. It started when the world was created, and has never actually stopped. In fact, it has only gotten worse since the prince Andalor was captured by the forces of Undrogh, because now, the Aenians are left to fend for themselves, with no help from their creator, and the forces of evil are invading through the portal no less. These are dark times, when hope is starting to wither, and Aena is desperate for heroes to rise and battle the darkness.

This introduction defines the epic history of the world and also the whole universe, and still leaves DMs with a lot of choices for creating the campaigns, and micro managing the events which take place before, and during the game.

I hope you liked it! x)