Oct 31, 2010

11th blog entry - Campaign introduction idea, No.5

Haai guyz, howyadoin, let's get to it.

The year is 665th off the fourth age, and the world is frightened of an upcoming year, as there are tales of a demon of unimaginable power which is supposed to come to earth and bring destruction and death.
Thousands of studies and explorations have been done, but none of them gave any evidence or a reason to believe that the horrors of which the ancient prophecy tells about are going to happen.
The story goes: Once upon a time, estimated about 10.000 years ago, there was a continent caled Krataana, bathed in magic, whose inhabitants were more than regular men, elves, dwarves, orks, and all the living beings which now live. They were so gifted by the continents afinity for magic, that they had no trouble casting even the most powerfull spells, with just a swift fingermove and a quick thought. Krataana was a peaceful place, as everyone understood the power of magic, and were careful about using it against each other. Beside that, everything they ever needed in their lives was easily created by spells, so the poverty and hunger were unknown. Then, one day, out of nowhere,  a great fireball fell from the sky bringing a great demon inside it, who killed everyone in a matter of days, and sunk the continent deeply below the water surface. After that, the demon disappeared without a trace, and Krataana was no more.
It is unknown what the demon was looking for, but there's a story, told by a surviving guardsman, which tells of the demon shrinking, to the size of a man, when he was done dispatching all who would oppose him, and entering the greatest temple of Krataana. In the main room of the temple, he summoned a black pearl, the size of an apple, put it on the pedestal, and cast a spell which made the pearl glow darkness and consume all light around it. The guardsman fleed, and somehow survived the destruction of the continent.
Great mages and wisepeople of the current world predict that the pearl is put there so it can gather the sunken continents magic, untill it reaches the amount of power needed. Then, the demon will come back to claim it. What will happen afterwards, we can only guess, but you can bet it aint gonna be pretty.
The players start off in one of the greatest coastal towns of the known world, which is a starting point for many expeditions which venture across the great ocean of Rohun, looking for anything which would indicate the existance of the sunken continent.
The world prays for a miracle, and the thousands of brave adventurers are those that everyone put their hopes into.

I'm off to have a lunch, and you guys, take care, and have a good time :)


  1. Great story man, long long time ago.
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  2. Good story. Perfect for halloween

  3. That's a pretty sweet story line. Could make for something great.

  4. Perfect post that goes with halloween!! Great story!!

  5. Dude, I'd love to be in a campaign of yours.

  6. Great stuff! You got some talent!

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