Mar 17, 2011

14th blog entry - Campaign introduction idea, No.8

Okay, I know I've been away for some time now, and I know I owe you guys a lot, so, here we go:

Isanna is a lone island, only about a dozen kilometers in diameter, populated by humans and organized as a horrible mix of feudalism, monarchy and magocracy, with a bit of anarchy. In one word: Capitalism. It's capitol, Esaine, has possibly the greatest harbor in the world, as the island is a crossroad of many trade routes. Everyday, hundreds of merchant ships sail in and out of the harbor, bringing goods to sell and carrying off the stuff they bought. Warships, and even private yachts, dock here to refill on supplies before heading out to continue their voyage. Esaine blooms. It attracts tourists, merchants, rich and poor, noble and noteless, people of skill, and those without. Everybody want to try their luck in Esaine. Whether is it gamble, trade, work or crime, people flaw into the city, and money runs the show. Those with it have the privilege of acting arrogantly, enjoying all sorts of pleasure and being famous, while those without struggle to earn it, steal it, or get it by pure luck or through use of skill. Speaking of skill, this city is the perfect place to test them. Whether you are a merchant, gambler, lockpick, thief, prostitute, swordsman, wizard, animal tamer, or just a muscle for rent, there is job for all, and there is plenty of it. Taverns always need bouncers, waiters and performers, brothels need girls and bodyguards, merchants need thieves and spies, craftsmen need merchants, politicians need spies and assassins, and Esaine needs them all. Players meet eachother in jail, where they have ended up together after a bar fight the last night. They will be released this afternoon, and all their belongings wil be returned to them on their way out of the dungeon.

Feel free to alter the setting as you like x)

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