Sep 16, 2010

1st blog entry - Map of a dungeon

Oookay, my first post!

Being a Dungeon Master can be extremely boring and difficult, especially if you got a demanding company of experienced players. I know it all. That's why I'm here to help you, Masters of the Dungeon, in your attempt to lead an awesome campaign.

I've been doing the DM thing for quite some time now, and although I'm definitely not the smartest and most experienced DM on Earth, I think I found out a few things over the time that I'll share with you. Read my blogs, share it with other people, think about what I say, and in the end, if you like the tips I've given - follow them!


  1. Nice picture man, ill be keeping this pic saved

  2. followin 'n' supportin bro :)

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  3. That's a pretty legit level design. : )

  4. Supporting your Dungeons and Dragoning, excellently laid out village.