Sep 18, 2010

2nd blog entry - Village map

Hey hey, I got something for you!

Yesterday while thinking about what will I make my second blog post about, an idea stormed through my mind: I remembered I have a neat map of a village that I drew about half a year ago. So, here it is, and again, feel free to use it! ^_^

That is a river you see there, and a bridge across it, population should be about 300 people, which makes it a Hamlet, larger buildings could be taverns, guard barracks (if any), stables, inns, town halls, temples, prisons, etc... The squares with an "x" inside are supposed to be guard towers

In my next blog entry, I could tell you a bit about how I create villages/towns/cities for my campaigns :)

Google removed my pic :|
I'll have to re-scan it and upload it again.


  1. cool!supportin bro :)

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  3. Oh man, I knew someone who was a dm. We never got around to playing a game unfortunately, what he told me of his planned story was rather good, plus he was a funny guy.

  4. Great post, keep them coming!
    supportin' and followin'

  5. Oh and plus, I'd love to play a campaign.

  6. I draw maps like this for the novel I'm writing, even though they wont make it into the book probably it's still fun to do /shrug.

  7. Play a game here locally 3-4 times a year. RL sucks. So tough to schedule. One of the few blogs I will be awaiting regular posts from.