Sep 25, 2010

4th blog entry - Creating a settlement, part 2

Allright, so far i've told you about different size categories of the settlements, and the resources that every one of them need. This time, we talk about what's inside the city walls.

So, every settlement, regardless of it's size, has got have buildings, of course. I dedicate this whole post to naming each building that could find it's place in a settlement. Here we go:

  1. Inns - Places where people come to mainly eat, maybe have a little drink, and go to sleep. Inns provide mainly food and bed, and only a few of them got alcohol on their menu.
  2. Taverns - Typical party houses. Music, prostitutes, lots of alcohol, drunkards, fights, etc...
  3. Blacksmiths - Blacksmiths mainly craft tools like hammers, scythes, rakes, shovels, hoes, etc...
  4. Healers - Healers could have their own houses which could serve as clinics, or could have a larger place, something like a hospital, where they would come work. Their healing can be magical, herbal, or both.
  5. Weaponsmiths - Blacksmiths specialized in forging weapons. This is where you'll find the best and the largest selection of weapons a town can offer.
  6. Armorsmiths - Armorsmiths are, like weaponsmiths, blacksmiths specialized in forging armor plates, and then putting them together. Note that armorsmiths craft only armors which are made out of metal, and those would be medium and heavy armors.
  7. Bowyers - Craftsmen skilled in bending wood who produce bows and crossbows.
  8. Magic shops - These are those interesting shophouses, usually all colorful and with a long-bearded spellwielder sitting in front and selling spellbooks, scrolls, magic items of all kinds, spell components, etc...
  9. Merchants - Places where you can buy almost everything. Merchants are typical grocery stores where you can get everything you need in a daily life, plus some exotic goods, which they bought from other travelling merchants.
  10. Leatherworkers - Shops where goods made of leather are made. Boots, gloves, light armors, belts, backpacks of all kinds, caps, etc...
  11. Tailors - People who sew regular clothes.
  12. Jewelers - Those shops which you'd most definitely love to loot. Here you can get your hands on various jevelry, including rings, bracelets, amulets, tiaras, and who-knows-what else.
  13. Cobblers - Craftsmen of shoes, and other footwear.
  14. Fishmongers - Fish and other sea stuff. They usually buy from fishermen, and then resell it.
  15. Farriers - Guys who make horseshoes, and somehow manage to put them on horses hooves.
  16. Carpenters - Builders who make objects from wood. They know wood's durability, strengths and weaknesses, and know which type of wood to use for which building.
  17. Masons - Builders who make objects out of stone. Like carpenters, masons are also proficient in what they do.
  18. Herbalists - People who know a lot about different types and species of plants. They are the ones who brew the best potions.
  19. Temples - Holy places where people go and pray to a certain God. Nothing else needs to be said.
  20. Stables - Large wooden halls. Horse inns. Farriers are usually closeby.
  21. Guard houses - Small houses where guardsmen come just before and after their shift to gear up or gear down and maybe have a drunk with other guardsmen.
  22. Guard HQ - Something like a main guard house. This is the place where guard leaders gather, and where the chief executive of the town's guard is sitting and giving orders.
  23. Watchtowers and walls - Name says all.
  24. Guard armory - In smaller towns, there's usually only one guard armory, while in the larger ones, more than one ar an often find. They are usually adjecent to guard houses and headquarters, or can even be in the exact same building as them.
  25. City HQ - This is the town hall, a place where the mayor makes all the decisions regarding the settlement. Place where businessmen and respectable citizens gather to discuss town-related stuff.
  26. Wizard tower/colony - Place where magicians of all sorts can practice their skills without affecting and disrupting normal citizens. Usually separated from public by a high wall or hedgerow. This is usually the place where old and high-level spellcasters live and study their books.
That's about it. In the next entry, we discuss types of government, and types of settlements, according to their surroundings :)


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